SPACE E-Worksheet: Mindful Monday Hacks

25 Tips to Conquer Mondayitis & the Week Ahead
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Do you want to kick start your week with purpose and the tools you need to conquer every challenge and seize every opportunity so that you can leave feeling good on Friday?
Do you want to feel more grounded, calm and in control and nurture a more positive outlook?

Download the E-Worksheet  Mindful Monday Hack: 25 tips for conquering the Week Ahead :  $79

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Mindful Monday Hack E-Worksheet
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Lindsey Brittain

UNLOCKING THE POWER OF POSSIBILITY I enable leaders in Marketing, Comms & Business to conquer the slog of stereotyping, hierarchy & bureaucracy. Doing more of what they love & achieving meaningful results at the highest level.
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Turas means ‘journey’ in Scottish Gaelic. I’m Lindsey Brittain, a proud Scot and I am Turas.    

I believe everything in life is a journey - our leadership, our career, our business & our home life - they're all connected.  When we make one small, positive step in one area, it 'ripples' into another. I also believe we focus too much on the destination, our next 'when' rather than enjoying the surprise & wonder along the way.  We all have the right to a great journey, to get excited about what's possible and make that a reality.  

Throughout my 26 years, my passion has been to help people & organisations to see there's options and different ways to do things.  Options that let people do more of what they love, delivers results faster and be less draining, and gives them more space to grow at work and at home.
 I offer an integrated approach to coaching and mentoring to help you take the next steps across all aspects of your journey.  I'm an accredited Professional Coach (ANZCAL), a qualified Breakthrough Life & Abundance Coach.
It's your journey - travel it well with Turas...
01.   On the Front Foot - Leadership Coaching     To get you on the front foot strategically, technically and emotionally.
02.  Onwards & Upwards - Career Coaching    Find your true purpose and passion and accelerate your development path.
03.  The Path to More - Personal Coaching   Feel more fulfilled and balanced in your life.
04. Workshops That Work - Workshop Design & Facilitation    A shared learning experience that is focussed yet fun and squeezes every ounce of value from your time together in-session and afterwards.
05. Headway - SME Business Mentoring & Coaching    Help SME owners in Marketing & Comms reignite their passion for their business and convert possibility into positive results for their bottom line. 
06.  Marketing & Comms Technical Top-Ups    'Kick-start’ or ‘top up’  your technical know-how in your own time and at their pace.


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